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Mom says it best.

Film Friday: What Are Millennials Like In The Workplace? Exploring Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

October 26, 2012
A hot topic as of late, people are avidly discussing Millennials in the workplace…

Why a 23 Year Old Should (Or Should Not) Manage Your Social Media

August 14, 2012
Today 2 VERY interesting articles reared their subject lines in my inbox…

The Millennial Generation INFOGRAPHIC

July 8, 2012
After posting about the generational gap this week, I came across some very interesting (American) infographics…
Mom says it best.

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

July 6, 2012
Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the President of Mosaic People Development, Vanessa Judelman about a hot topic: the divide between people who grew up with computers (digital natives) vs…
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