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Just Ask Beyonce: Why Traditional Publicity Is On The Way Out

December 17, 2013
(Image Source) It seems the days of hyping an artist's record in the months prior to its release may be over…
Mayor Rob Ford reacts to a Jarvis bike lane question as he scrums as council will take on the issues

How Mayor Rob Ford Could Have Saved Face During "Crack-Gate"

November 5, 2013
Rob Ford in all his close-up glory (Source) In light of Rob Ford's recent confession to smoking crack cocaine, we decided to write about how his train-wreck of a impromptu press conference could have been diverted from disastrous to passable…

Reputation Control: How To Un-Google Yourself

September 25, 2013
Let us treat you to a modern day tale: someone Googles your name and something embarrassing from your past shows up in the search results…
nonprofit charity pr

Making An Impact: How A Charity or Non-Profit Can Benefit From Public Relations

July 29, 2013
Photo credit to Pimentel Photography (top, left and right) & Holly Thomas (bottom middle) When it comes to brand awareness and fundraising, charities and non-profits are faced with a daunting task these days…
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