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What Brand Colours Say About Businesses INFOGRAPHIC

July 3, 2012
Ever wondered why Coca Cola uses red for their brand, or why Facebook and Twitter use blue? This infographic sheds some light on why certain brands are so strict with their colouring…
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How To Read Twitter

July 2, 2012
There's many people in the world who have yet to jump on the twitter bandwagon…

5 Best Magazines That Restored My Faith In Print

June 25, 2012
Over the weekend, I decided to take a trip to my local beach…

App Attack: The BEST Photo Collage App, Free!

June 24, 2012
  Whether it's a friend showcasing a new outfit on their facebook feed, or a collection of similar images aggregated into one photo - collage pictures are everywhere…

Meeting Amber Mac - My Spot On App Central

June 23, 2012
I recently had the opportunity to go speak about a product I represent called Shopcatch on App Central…
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