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App Attack

I’m going to make an effort to constantly share any apps that I  discover which I consider to be life changing. I recently have become obsessed with an app called Flipboard. Essentially, Flipboard allows you to be the master curator of your own digital magazine. You can easily select your interests, connect to your favourite […]

    The Advice Parents Don’t Want You To Hear

    I’ve been incredibly lucky. In fact, some may say I have a horse shoe stuck in my you know what. Let me explain: I started out wanting to be a singing and acting sensation (really, what kid doesn’t?). I took lessons, had some (minor) accolades for my work, and even got to travel to Europe […]

      Film Fridays: 2 Vids You Should Watch

      Each Friday, I’m going to scope out a couple of videos for your viewing enjoyment. Some will be resources, and some will be just plain ‘special’. The first of this breed is an instructional video on how to tie a tie. I think this is a skill a lot of us didn’t pick up along […]

        Entitled Youth: 4 Things You Need to Know

        There’s a common misconception of my generation that we’re all very entitled-minded people. Yes, our parents have had the benefit of a some-what steady economy (at least, up until a few years ago), and I know myself and many of my friends have reaped the benefits of that. I grew up with parents who nickle […]

          The Die Hard Executor

          In my eyes, there’s 2 types of motivation behind employees in the workplace today. Having been in the corporate space for some time, it’s apparent to me that both can exist side by side – and even cross-over to create realms of extreme corporate value. 1. The Executor The title speaks volumes. This individual is […]

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