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App Attack

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I’m going to make an effort to constantly share any apps that I  discover which I consider to be life changing.

I recently have become obsessed with an app called Flipboard.


Essentially, Flipboard allows you to be the master curator of your own digital magazine. You can easily select your interests, connect to your favourite social networks, and this app will create a magazine-like experience with engaging and interesting content sorted just for you! The best part is, your tweets/facebook are incorporated to provide you with a seamless, image-based customized experience – which I love.

Having a history as a community manager, I always found myself looking for content to share with my audience. I can tell you that Flipboard will make this a cinch for anyone looking to engage both their work and personal communities with relevant news.

This app is completely free, so download before they “wise-up” and start charging!

Also: if you’re constantly buying apps or music through the iTunes store, check out this deal on a gift card (valid this week only).

Have an app you’re obsessed with? Share it in the comments – I’m always on the look out for new and exciting tools!

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