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20 Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 4, 2013
It's no secret that the ground continues to shift in the world of both marketing and PR…

Film Friday: Taylor Mali Poem

September 7, 2012
  We speak too often with questions at the end of our sentences…
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The 36 Rules Of Social Media

September 3, 2012
  Fast Company (one of the only magazines I still buy a paper copy of) recently asked social industry leaders what they thought were the fundamental rules of social media…

Why Complaining About Facebook Timeline Is A Big Mistake

August 15, 2012
As of late, I’ve noticed something pretty alarming on Facebook…

Just 2% Of People Are Successful Multitaskers

August 13, 2012
Yes, it's true. 98% of us suck at multi-tasking - what would Oprah say?! We're all faced with cell phones, multiple computers, IM's, text messages, Facebook messages, and tweets throughout the day…
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