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Why Complaining About Facebook Timeline Is A Big Mistake

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As of late, I’ve noticed something pretty alarming on Facebook. There are far too many people in my news feed that complain about being forced into using Timeline. Having recently sat down for a chat with a close friend/ HR pro, I thought I’d share 4 points from their perspective on why you should cut out the Facebook complaining.

1.    You look resistant to change.

No one wants to hire someone who isn’t willing to embrace disruption. Adaptability is key in any workforce, and those who aren’t willing to change directions on a dime aren’t seen as assets.

2.    You seem unable to handle new tasks.

Is it really that difficult to use the new timeline? No. Voicing your gripes in an online format implies that you aren’t capable of working with new platforms or programs. Again, pretty undesirable.

3.    If you complain about this, what else are you going to complain about?

Something relatively small like this scenario is hardly a pressing matter. When you outwardly cry about Timeline, your employer will be lead to believe you’re apt to complain publically if something goes wrong at work. Again, the check mark can be ticked in the undesirable category.

4.    It’s just Facebook.

If you don’t like it, get rid of it. No one is making you use it, so fix your problem in one easy click of a button.


Hopefully this post helps you think through those potential posts ridden with complaints. Remember, even with the highest privacy settings – HR departments have ways of accessing your profiles. Be smart about your social.

And for those of you who do end up deleting Facebook because of Timeline: see you in a couple of days.


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    1. Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it makes me think of the Borg and how resistance is futile…


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