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What You May Have Missed In June

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Today marks the first of July! Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! June has passed, so I’m going to provide you with some of the top read posts (just incase you didn’t have a chance to read them)! Thank you so much for being a part of Embrace Disruption’s first month online – and here’s to many more months (and years!) to come!


Top 5 Most Read Posts:

1. How To Cover Your Social A$$: The Precautions You Should Take – a full list of the things you should consider when using social networks.

2. The Price Is Right: How A Bad Scan Means It’s Free! – Canadians are entitled to receive products for free if the scanner provides an incorrect price: here’s what you need to know!

3. Getting The Look (and Job) For Less: Guest Post by Robin Edwards – a few helpful tips and tricks to find great pieces for your wardrobe.

4. Meeting Amber Mac: My Spot On App Central – get a behind the scenes perspective from my appearance on Canada’s top tech TV show.

5. 40% Chance Of Rain: What You May Be Missing – a helpful guide to shedding a new light on irritating or upsetting situations.


Again, thank you to EVERYONE who has come to Embrace Disruption to read any of the daily posts and content. Be sure to leave a message in the comments, and let me know who you are!

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