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Lifesavers: Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System

I have a very colourful history of horrible tans. Throughout my twenties, I constantly looked for the one magical product that was going to give me the golden glow of all the Hollywood actors I aspired to look like. Obviously now that I’m grown, I know that aspiring to look like those lunatics is an […]

    The Price Is Right: How A Bad Scan Means It’s Free!

    Being a pretty avid shopper, I’m constantly on the look out for hot bargains and deals. Let’s face it: I really hate paying full price for just about everything. A while back I stumbled upon a policy that surprisingly: not many people know about! Imagine a system where if a product scans with an incorrect […]

      40% Chance Of Rain: What You May Be Missing

      What do you automatically think when you hear the newscaster say: “40% Chance Of Rain”? Chances are: a curse word followed by a swift move to pick up the umbrella on your way out the door are in your near future. Here’s the thing you may be missing -  40% chance of rain actually means […]

        Don’t Count Followers: 5 Steps To Measure Online Influence Properly

        Nowadays it’s very common for brands to reach out to bloggers, influencers and people who are making waves in the social community. It seems as though some people still measure a person’s influence online by quickly consulting a twitter follower count. I’m here to tell you: follower numbers are only a (small) part of evaluating […]

          App Attack: Smart Sync

            This app is one that I think EVERY iPhone user would adore on their device. The concept is simple: Smart Sync lets you connect through your Facebook account, and grabs all your friends photos/status updates – and syncs them with their contact info. It’s a seamless way to always have their latest photo and […]

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