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What Happened At CrossMedia Toronto: Part Deux

February 28, 2013
We've received your email requests about the second part of the Cross Media Toronto coverage, and don't fret - we're going to deliver the goods! The afternoon started off with a bang - as we were able to hear from Ribbon…
Cool vintage taxi parked outside of The Fairmont Royal York during the conference.

What Happened at Social Mix 2012: Part Deux

July 28, 2012
For those of you who were following the earlier post: What Happened at Social Mix 2012, here's the run down part two!   I'll preface this  post by saying some of the following pictures are (a bit) blurry - sorry 'bout that, snapping photos while listening and tweeting proved to be challenging!   Gini and Geoff spoke a lot about measurement and use of data to discover the true value of our digital efforts…
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