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What's Happened So Far At Social Mix 2012

July 26, 2012
We're about halfway in to Social Mix 2012! So far, I've had the pleasure of listening to Amber Mac's keynote, Matt Hixson from Tellagence, a panel about Social for small business and the people from Dell…
Searching for that email just got easier

Make A Million When You Make 'Em Laugh

July 21, 2012
A while back, this video went viral across North America: This video inspired over 12,000 people to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club within a 48 hour span…
My poor first born.

12 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook

July 15, 2012
Earlier this week, I found an article that re-iterated some of my opinions on the codes of conduct for Facebook posting…
Meet my mistress.

Computer Shopping: Does The Apple Fall Far From The PC?

July 12, 2012
I've been a PC user my entire life. From the time when the very basic IBM was brought into my home at 7 years old, I've always been faithful to my first love…
Searching for that email just got easier

App Attack: Gmail (Who Knew??!)

July 10, 2012
This app completely took me by surprise. First off, who knew there was a Gmail app? Well, maybe I'm living under a rock - but I'm here to tell you: it's good to see the sun again…
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