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App Attack: Gmail (Who Knew??!)

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This app completely took me by surprise. First off, who knew there was a Gmail app? Well, maybe I’m living under a rock – but I’m here to tell you: it’s good to see the sun again. The Gmail app is simple in form, but definitely trumps the native mail system in the iPhone. There’s 3 main features that I absolutely adore about this free app, and here’s what they are.

Searching for that email just got easier

1. Search Your Entire Inbox

  • No more losing any mail while you’re on the go. It’s always the worst when you try to find anything in your Gmail inbox – because your iPhone won’t store more than 50 messages at a time. The app solves this problem effortlessly.

2. Gmail Chat On The Go

  • Use your Gmail chat while you’re on your cell. If you use the chat feature as much as I do – you’ll know how useful this is!

3. Attachments

  • That’s right, attach photos in composition mode with the Gmail app! Select multiple photos or files directly from your phone, and add them into any email you compose. This is actually a HUGE lifesaver.

I definitely suggest you download this app if you use your smartphone a lot for emailing. It’s easy, user-friendly, and a step ahead of Apple’s native email app (for now).

Click here to download the Gmail App – available on Android and iPhone.


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