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Make A Million When You Make ‘Em Laugh

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A while back, this video went viral across North America:

This video inspired over 12,000 people to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club within a 48 hour span. Impressive, right? It begs the question: why were people so on board with forking out cash to this particular subscription service?

First off: the concept is genius. As a guy, it’s definitely an annoyance having to constantly buy new razors at completely unrealistic prices. Really, does anyone know why we have to pay so much for such a simple tool? Men aren’t the only ones suffering from this pricey industry standard, women also have to buy the latest and greatest razors – in hopes that leg maintenance will be that much easier. But let’s be honest, it’s not only the price point that made Dollar Shave Club a success…

“Content is a big part of our strategy, and there will be more coming,” owner Mike Dubin says. “I wanted people to laugh, and people tend to remember something it if it gives them a visceral response.”

In my opinion, there couldn’t be more reason to agree with Dublin’s strategy –  I constantly hear the all important phrase: content is king. The thing is, our society demands more transparency within advertising. Perhaps the more tongue-in-cheek approach can be linked to the more likely people are going to pay attention? Obviously not every product can benefit from this type of strategic angle, but it certainly raises a good point. Why are brands that have the capability to be light-hearted taking themselves so seriously?

What do you think? Would you respond to more candid advertising techniques, or do you prefer companies stick to status quo?


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