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Computer Shopping: Does The Apple Fall Far From The PC?

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I’ve been a PC user my entire life. From the time when the very basic IBM was brought into my home at 7 years old, I’ve always been faithful to my first love. However, the time has come to upgrade and update (this happens every 2-3 years) – and I’ve decided I’m divorcing Windows.

Meet my mistress.

There’s no way of telling if I’ve fallen victim to Apple’s incredible marketing tactics – or if I’m simply rationalizing my purchases with irrational desire. The fact is: I want a pretty macbook pro, and I know that it’s going to make my life beautiful.

In my long periods of comparison, and endless forums – I landed on this little infographic that was compiled from survey data. Have a look and tell me: are you a Mac OR a PC user? Have you ever made the switch?


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