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Facebook’s Changed: Are You Sure You Removed That Photo Tag?

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We’ve all been there: that moment when you receive a notification on your phone (or through email) that you’ve been tagged in one of your friend’s photos. A quick heart pang hits you – wondering what photo has been subjected to the entire online world. You log on to Facebook, and sure enough – the photo in question is a nightmare. Before calling your friend to cuss them out (even after they insist you look ‘fine’) – you need to remove the tag. But guess what? The Facebook tagging system has changed.


No need to panic yet….


What to do next:

 1. Locate the photo that you’re tagged in on Facebook and enlarge it.

You’ll see this option on the upper right hand side to ‘Remove’. The fact is: this will only remove the tag from your timeline, not the tag as a whole.

2. Hover over the image until the toolbar appears underneath it, and click ‘Options’.

Upon clicking, you’ll see there’s an option to ‘Remove Tag’. After clicking it, you’ll get a little menu that asks you what you want to do with this picture. Here’s where you can take revenge on your friend and claim harassment, or simply remove the tag. Hope this helps you take control of the tags you can’t bear to live with on Facebook, and tell me what you think about this system in the comments. Should it be less hidden/easier?

Until we meet again, evil photo.

Oh! And remember: if a photo is really bad, call up your friend – and get them to delete it. It could come back to haunt you.

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