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Why People Unlike Brands On Facebook

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There’s nothing more annoying than liking a brand or product’s Facebook page, and finding out that they’re in the habit of posting updates more than 3 times a day. Or worse:


This was the case earlier this week, when one of my favourite brands decided to host a chat on Facebook with their spokesperson taking the lead. What resulted was approximately 15 status updates from the brand IN MY NEWS FEED over a 2 hour span.  If you’re a Facebook user of any capacity, you know how annoying this can be. Also, the brand in question appeals to an older demographic than what I would fall into. Guess what that means? Generally speaking, an older Facebook user tends to have a lower amount (100-200) friends and likes on the social networking site. This would mean that the majority of their news feeds would be inundated with posts from this brand. What does that lead to?


Needless to say, there’s definitely an unwritten list of best practices when using Facebook as a brand. Check out this INFOGRAPHIC outlining some of the brand “+” and no-no’s for Facebook conduct:

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