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Embrace Disruption PR: Q&A with Founder Cory Stewart

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Today Yee Wittle Things posted a fantastic Q&A with our founder, Cory Stewart. We thought we’d share a little snippet with y’all incase you missed it!


What advice do you have for people venturing into the Social Media world?

I could write a novel about this, but I’ll attempt to simplify. Three concepts, really: be honest, be thankful, be kind. Social media isn’t all that new, we’ve been communicating since the dawn of time: just in different contexts. These 3 concepts lend themselves to all aspects of the human connection – when put to use, they make the world of a difference.


Your dreams for the future?
I’ve always been one to dream big. In the short term, I want to continue to grow Embrace Disruption PR and create fantastic, meaningful partnerships with the people and businesses I believe in. In the long term, I want to change the world.


For the full interview, head over to Yee Wittle Things!
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