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4 Tips For Media Outreach

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When notifying the media of news, events, launches and the likes – it’s extremely important that you send the right information to the right people. It’s never quite as easy as making a press release, sending it out to a random list – and hoping someone will pick up the story. Reality is (most of the time) you need to make sure that the information you have reaches the proper contact with the proper context. That’s what PR pros do best.

Here’s 4 things to think about when compiling a media outreach list:

Who’s your target demographic?

Determining what audience is going to be interested in your story is extremely important. Make sure this is one of the first things you decipher.

What’s the timeline?

There are long lead (takes a lot of time) and short lead (faster turn arounds) media outreach plans. Typically a long lead – like a magazine – will take more time to get your story placement, where as a blog might be a faster pickup.

Where do you want coverage?

Obviously if your news story centres around a local event, you’ll want to make sure it’s publicized locally. The same goes if you’re working with a national event – hit national media. Make sure you’re reaching out to the outlets that make sense with your story. It will save you, and the journalist a lot of time.

Why should they pick up your story?

Be sure to touch on relevancy and relate your story to the particular outlet. For example, if you’ve got a story about dogs and you’re trying to get in Canadian Living magazine – make sure there’s context for the audience at hand.

Keep these 4 things in mind when working with your PR agency or firm to piece together your media list. And if you’re still needing some help – don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!

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