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Client News: Technology Website Wrongfully Reported As Hosting Man’s Online Threats

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 13, 2012

TEXAS, USA – On October 3, 2012, authorities and local media reported a man in Katy, Texas communicated threats through an online chat, wrongfully stating that the offending threats were posted on In response, is seeking to address both the media and the general public to correct the misinformation and release an official statement.

“We have a responsibility for our online community to publicly address the reports that connect us to hosting this alleged chat activity. These initial reports are completely false. has no connection to hosting such discussions and is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our visitors to discuss their passion for computer hardware” says a representative on behalf of

It appears that has mistakenly been included in court documents after investigators searched for the suspect’s screen name and came across a person (registered under the same name as the suspect) who had posted on about computer-related topics. It is an unfortunate miscommunication that has lead to multiple media reports that list the site as hosting the offending activity. maintains that it has never hosted an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel of any sorts. In referring to the official FBI press release there is no mention of hosting the alleged IRC channel.

Counsel for made repeated efforts to alert and inform Assistant District Attorney Christopher Dunbar of the false allegations in the criminal complaint to give him the opportunity to cure the defects, file an accurate criminal complaint, and end this defamation against Unfortunately he has failed and refused to do so at this time.

“It saddens us that some of the parties responsible for laying charges in this case have little understanding about the decade-old technologies involved. It’s frustrating that the individuals prosecuting this case cannot tell the difference between an IRC and an established online forum about computers.” stated an representative. will continue to pursue legal means of rectifying these false allegations.


Founded in 2004, is one of the largest performance computing websites on the Internet.  With 3.4 million monthly Unique Visitors the site has become a popular forum devoted to maximizing the performance of computers.

Through contributing to organizations such as Stanford University’s folding@home project, (a distributed computing organization that helps cure disease) to facilitating thousands in donations for cancer research, the site maintains a strong commitment to social responsibility programs and charitable causes.

For Media Inquiries please contact:

Cory Stewart

Embrace Disruption PR

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