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7 Things PR Interns Should Have This Summer

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Summer is just beginning and PR interns are scrambling around the city with deadlines and long to-do lists on their minds. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of items every PR newbie should have to kick butt this summer!

Summer Outfits
Every intern should always dress smart and your outfits should reflect the type of environment you work in. If your office is more on the conservative side, stick to the office basics. A nice blazer is an essential. If you want to mix your personal style in, try a brighter-coloured blazer.

Women Blazer: ZARA  Men Blazer: ZARA

If your company has a looser and more casual dress code, take the opportunity to experiment with different colours and trends. Why not? It’s summer!

Ladies' OutfitShirt: Alexander Wang      Denim: Current/Elliott     Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider


Men's OutfitShirt: ZARA     Pant: ZARA     Shoes: Clarks Originals

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. You will be running around town and a sore blister is the last thing you want to worry about. When in doubt, bring a band-aid or two just in case!

If you are interning at a PR company, a regular phone just won’t do. You will want to keep up with the latest social media updates on-the-go as well as making sure your team can reach you at all times.

smart phoneSource: The Verge

Notepad/Agenda + Pen
Always keep a notepad or an agenda with you. You will probably need to jot down an email or a telephone number at one point or another. Having an agenda lets you organize all your responsibilities and deadlines together so you won’t be missing anything.

agendaAgenda: Moleskin

Laptop or Tablet
Although not essential, it is definitely useful to have a tablet or laptop around. You can read and send emails wherever you are, or even brief yourself on client key messaging while in transit!

Source: PC Advisor

Water + a snack on-the-go
When you’re busy running around the city, you can’t always find the time to have a proper meal. Carrying a water bottle and snack with you will keep you hydrated and energized throughout the work day.

Fotor060395827Protein Bars: Women’s Health     Water: Dr Joanna

Nothing says unprofessional like a stain on your shirt when walking into a meeting room filled with your superiors or potential clients. Keep a Tide-to-Go handy in case of any lunch mishaps. You can even potentially save your client’s day by clearing their stains before heading to a media engagement.

Source: Mackenzie Image Consulting

Business Cards
If you didn’t know already, always keep your business cards with you. There will be times when you will want to whip them out for potential clients or employers.


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