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Our Top 10 Halloween Costume Predictions for 2013

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With Halloween just around the corner, some of you may be scrambling to find a costume last minute. Here are some ideas for what you should dress up as, and what you should not dress up as. These are our predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes in 2013.

10. Hunger Games’ Katniss
Because everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss (and Jennifer Lawrence as Jennifer Lawrence). A Katniss costume is fairly simple to recreate, as shown in the photo below. You might already even have some of the items in your closet. If not, head to your local thrift shop and do some digging around. Trust us, you’ll find gold without having to spend a fortune on a pre-made costume.

katniss costume


9. “This Is My Costume”
We put this one up here because every year some person decides this is a clever and witty costume to wear – a t-shirt with “This Is My Costume” printed on it. Don’t be that guy, or girl. The time spent finding that shirt could be time spent finding any other costume but that. Please, help us stop this epidemic.


this is my halloween costume


8. The Royal Baby
Little Prince George is all the rage today. However, if you’re a grown man (or woman) it becomes difficult to dress up as a baby (or should we say dress down). To create this look, take a sheet that you can wrap around you to look like a diaper, buy a baby pacifier, and wear a massive amount of jewels and a crown on your head. People will understand the look you’re going for, as long as you have that royal touch of gold, silver, shine and glimmer.

royal baby costume


7. Dexter – The Lumberjack

Forget the saran wrap and his ‘kill costume.’ Go as the newly transformed, lame-lumberjack Dexter. Put on a messy blonde wig, stick on some hair for the beard, wear flannel and don’t forget the axe. Here’s a funny meme for all those out there who were disappointed by the series’ finale (what Dexter follower wasn’t!?)

lumberjack dexter



6. Game of Thrones – Crimson Wedding

We’ve seen a lot of Khaleesi costume ideas out there, but nobody seems to want to take on a costume that depicts the brutal ending to the recent Game of Thrones season, “Crimson Wedding,” If you have a few friends who are willing to do it with you, that will make the costume even better. You’ll need a lot of fake blood, though.

game of thrones crimson wedding



5. The Great Gatsby

Flapper-style costumes are far too common every year. Instead, jazz it up a bit and go as Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby from Baz Luhrmann’s production of ‘The Great Gatsby.’ You’ll most likely find your Gatsby costume twin, or triplet, or quadruplet at whatever event you attend on Halloween. To really be unique, you can go as the ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald with a gravestone above your head… you can occasionally roll around while you’re at it.

daisy buchanan


jay gatsby


4. Amanda Bynes – the bat-*&@$ crazy days

With all this talk of Miley and twerking, we’ve forgotten about our favourite hot mess of the year: Amanda Bynes! To complete this look you’ll  need: some fake, drawn-on studs on your cheeks (or, if you’re brave and slightly crazy, get the actual piercings), a wig that is a messy mop of blonde hair, a lot of poorly applied make-up (really pout – or inflate – those lips!), and a combination of the rattiest and skimpiest threads you can find. You can also go for the shaved-head look. Be sure to have your iPhone on you at all times so you can take frightening selfies.

amanda bynes


amanda bynes 2


3. Pregnant Kim Kardashian

That infamous photo of her in the black and white get-up while very, very pregnant is burned into everyone’s memory. We would suggest not being a reminder of that horrible time in pop culture, but if you must:

Kimye pregnant



2. Breaking Bad’s Walt &  Jesse

Don’t get us wrong, we love them. So so so much. And we were sad to see the show end. But everyone and their mother will go dressed as either of the two leading characters on Breaking Bad. Either in regular attire or the yellow hazmat suit, it will be overdone. To stand out more, go as a character not many would think to go as: think Gus Fring with half of his face missing.

gus fring

The dog is optional


1. Miley at the VMAs

We would like you to keep a tally of how many VMA Mileys you see out on the streets, at costume contests or at parties this Halloween. The short hair, the strange nude-coloured bra and shorts, tongue always out and occasionally stopping to twerk like there’s no tomorrow. Instead, you can go as her tongue – that thing has a life of its own.



The resemblance is uncanny

miley cyrus' tongue


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