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#WeeklyDisruptor: Noelle Hays, Founder of Sass Kisser

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Each week at Embrace Disruption we introduce you to an influential person in the entrepreneurial, digital, blogger, arts, culture, film, or media world! Every Thursday, you can check back at EDPR to find out who we think is particularly amazing at ‘embracing disruption’ within their respective industries.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Noelle, a pediatric nurse based out of Phoenix, Arizona and Founder of Sass Kisser, a line of all-natural lip products.

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What’s your official job title, and where did you go to school?

I attended Northern Arizona University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and I am currently a pediatric nurse at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Elevator pitch. Describe yourself in a nutshell (or sea shell, or any shell for that matter).

I’ve always been a do it yourself person. I was the toddler making my own dollhouses from toilet paper rolls and shoeboxes- I even had my own hemp jewelry business in the 9th grade. My mantra in life is to accomplish what you want by simply utilizing your own skills and drive and to never ask of others to get you where you’d like to be.

Why did you pursue what you’re doing now? What was the inspiration?

I am quite possibly the pickiest person when it comes to my lip balms. I see lip balm as a very personal thing. What else does a person have with them constantly besides their cell phone? From unpronounceable ingredients to lackluster results, I was tired of constantly buying lip balms that didn’t have my needs in mind. So I did my research and made my own all-natural balms and glosses and if the big cosmetic companies don’t like it, they can kiss my sass!

What is the best part of your day-to-day?

My favorite moments are those times when it’s just me in my kitchen making lip balms and trying out different combinations. It’s peaceful for me in there; I like to call it my laboratory. I love my day job as a pediatric nurse because it is constantly rewarding and challenging but nothing beats those quiet moments at home to myself with just my husband and my puppy.

What’s the most challenging?

I am one of those people that have to do everything at once. I will have an idea of what goals I want to accomplish next in my life and instead of going down the list one at a time I do it all at the same time. I love life that way. It makes me feel like you never know for sure what you will accomplish next and who knows, maybe next week you will start your own small business because you feel like it is a good idea. Which is exactly what I did. It certainly isn’t easy to balance, but I guess I prefer a little chaos!

If you took a look in the cliché crystal ball, what do you see for yourself?

First of all, whatever I see, it better be sparkly. Because everything is better with sparkles. Second of all I hope to encourage others to find all-natural, simple solutions for their busy lives that still make them feel beautiful and glamorous.

How do you embrace disruption in your work and personal life?

Being the stubborn person that I am, I refuse to sacrifice the integrity of Sass Kisser in order to make my life easier. If there is something that can be done to better my product or my business I will do it regardless of the energy it requires of me. My supporters come first and my goal as an entrepreneur is to only improve on what I am doing to make those who support me happier. Having an all-natural business is certainly not the easiest path in the cosmetic industry, but I enjoy the challenge.

What is the most memorable moment in your career?

My family is my biggest supporter and during one of our family brainstorming meetings I looked around the table and realized that each person, even my older brothers and husband, was wearing my Sass Kisser gloss. A table full of all-natural glossy lips- that’s my proudest accomplishment!

Do you support any initiatives or charities? Tell us about it, and please provide links!

When I was much younger my family was blessed by the Make a Wish Foundation. During a tough part of all of our lives, we were given the chance to go on the most wonderful vacation completely funded by them. The wishes they grant for children with life threatening medical conditions is absolutely inspiring and I can tell you first hand it blesses not only the child but also their entire family.

Visit Make a Wish for more details.

Tell us what you see yourself doing at 65 years old.

At 65 years old I hope to be retired and relaxing at a beach house with my husband and our family including lots of grandchildren! Oh, and puppies, you always need puppies around. Honestly, anything with babies and puppies and I’d be happy.

Just for fun: if you had to pick one app in the whole APPVERSE, what would it be?

Don’t tell anyone, but my guilty pleasure is totally Temple Run. I haven’t been able to stop playing it! It’s completely an addiction. Oh and fruit ninja. I can’t get enough! I always try to sneak onto Temple Run without anyone knowing I’m playing but then my sound will be on and the monkey that screeches at the beginning gives me away- dang monkey!

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