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EDPR’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Procrastinator

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Valentine's Day Decorations-12
Once again we have come to the time of year where everything is decorated with hearts, ribbons, bows, roses and glitter. No matter your feelings towards the holiday of love, also known as Valentine’s Day, you undoubtedly want to make that certain “someone” feel special. This places a great deal of pressure on those in relationships or those on the cusp of new love. Gift-giving is the expected gesture from significant others and we are here to help you out if you’re still looking for that perfect present. We’ll refrain from telling you that you certainly left it to the last-minute (even though you did) and will give you some great ideas that you can be put together in a hurry. Here are our top 5 ideas for him and her:

For Him:


1. Man Bouquet

Man Bouquet

Options for men are somewhat limited on this holiday but we think this is a perfect and easy way to show him you care. Compile a few of his favourite things, keeping the size of the item in mind, glue them on some wooden barbecue skewers in a nice container using foam to secure the skewers in place. Decorate with some tissue paper and ribbon and you are finished!


2. Bring your Facebook Album to Life

facebook album

This idea might be for the more sensitive man in your life. With changing technology, we seem to have stopped the process of getting our photographs developed. For this gift all you need to do is pull some pictures off Facebook, Instagram or wherever they may live, and get them developed. Pick out a beautiful album and give him all the of the best photographed memories of your relationship.


3. New Footwear


nike shoe

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? Find the shoe or article of clothing that your guy really wants, but has a hard time buying for himself. Most brands have released their spring lines, so you can get him the newest style.


4. Subscription to His Favourite Club


Is your guy a beer drinker? If so, then there couldn’t be a better gift than a year subscription to The Canadian Beer Club. Every month, a beer package will be delivered to his door with a new brew for your man to try. This gift is sure to please and you won’t even have to leave the house to buy it.


5. Pre-Planned Dates

preplanned dates

Give your guy a break and pre-plan some dates for the two of you to go on. Sometimes our significant other is not the most creative when it comes to planning the perfect day, so this gift takes the pressure off and ensures some great memories.

For Her


1. Artistic DYI

picture dyi

If you are a man with some artistic ability, this DIY is sure to score you some points with your lady. All you need is a blank canvas from any craft store, red buttons, felt, paint and glue. This project can easily be completed in one night and it looks like you put in tons of effort. She will love it!


2. Heart Bracelet

heart braclet

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. If you and your girl have decided to keep things low-key or she told you, “Don’t get me anything this year,” (which we all know means you still have to get her something small) then this is a perfect surprise gift. Cute, cost-effective and she can wear it everyday.


3. Heart Scarf

heart scarf

Here is another small festive item that is sure to make her smile. This infinity scarf is classic in colour and will help keep her warm all year.


4. Exercise Class


Has your girlfriend or wife been thinking of taking up a new hobby? Maybe yoga or zumba at your local gym. Well get on WagJag and purchase a short-term membership to a yoga studio or fitness facility so she can try out those classes.


5. Movie Night for Her


Even though this might not be YOUR idea of a perfect night, it’s probably hers. Every once in a while you can put your manhood aside and watch the rom-com she desperately wants to see. Assemble a basket with her favourite treats, a movie she wanted to see or already loves, some comfy lounge wear and you are set to go. Don’t forget the tissues for the tear jerker moments!

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