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Are You Managing Your Stress Effectively? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It’s estimated that 75-90% of all doctor visits are due to stress. Astounding, right? In today’s rapid paced world, it’s important more than ever to get a handle on what’s making you tense – if only for the sake of your long term health!

A recent INFOGRAPHIC from Healthguru has some interesting findings about the issue:

  • Stress can cause your heart rate to speed up rapidly, and over time can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • Stomach problems are common in those that experience chronic stress.
  • Your immune system can weaken over time with your body under constant stress.
  • Muscles are “on alert” to act as your body prepares to fight or flight.

All this said, it’s important to take action when you’re feeling under pressure. Making sure you keep perspective while in stressful situations can certainly help, but here are a few other tips in order to keep your stress in check:

  • Laugh! It lowers adrenaline, cortisol and two stress hormones.
  • Work out. You’ll release endorphins, and ease your anxiety.
  • Eat well. Incorporate more veggies, almonds and other health foods into your diet.
  • Breathe. Assess the situation, and ask yourself – will this matter one year from now?

More tips and insights in the INFOGRAPHIC below:


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