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Delicious & Interesting Facts About Tea [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Today we are asking our readers to go on a short journey with us.

Imagine yourself boiling a pot of water over your outdoor fire (stoves don’t exist on this journey), only to have some pesky leaves fall into your H2o. Frustrated, you march over to the pot to remove the leaves when you notice an unbelievable aroma rising from the water. Out of curiosity, you decide to let the leaves brew away in your pot. Next thing you know, you have invented what would become the second most popular drink in the world! Sound unrealistic? Well, think again because that’s exactly how tea was created…or, close enough.

Below you’ll find an INFOGRAPHIC with some tasty details on this comforting beverage, but first, we thought you should know about Starlight Children’s Foundation’s 1st Annual Tea and Tiaras event coming to Toronto this November! Be sure to take a look at the website and snag some tickets – it promises to be a fabulous fashion-filled event, complete with tea and scrumptious gourmet treats!

Now, check out this infographic from News By Design for the full tea story!


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