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Remembering a Legend: R.I.P. Robin Williams

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Robin Williams’ passing brought us all great sadness. With a wide array of performances, all of which touched us in different ways, we’ve lost a true legend. In honour of one of our favourite actors, we’ve put together a brief highlight of just a few of our favourite Robin Williams performances.


Mork and Mindy

Robin Williams’ first big break was the sitcom Mork and Mindy, which ran from 1978 to 1982, featuring Mork (Williams) as an alien who came down to earth, and Mindy who helped him adjust. The world was quickly introduced to the quirky Robin Williams, and it’s safe to say, we loved him!



Good Will Hunting

Starring Damon, Affleck, Driver, Skarsgard and of course Williams, Good Will Hunting received universal acclaim from critics and won Robin Williams an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor! Williams played a therapist who helped Will Hunting (Damon) conquer his relationships, past and future. This movie broke our hearts while inspiring and reminding us that “you can do anything you want, you are bound by nothing.” 



Mrs. Doubtfire

There’s no way we could leave out this hit comedy! Mrs. Doubtfire told the story of an eccentric actor (played by Williams) who disguised himself as a Scottish nanny to stay close to his children after a messy divorce. This is a movie we will never grow tired of, Robin Williams’ crazy antics will always put a smile on our face.



Good Morning Vietnam

If anyone could take the subject of war and find its comedic value, it was Robin Williams. This movie chronicles DJ Adrian Cronauer (Williams), a widely popular radio host during the Vietnam War.  Cronauer aimed to lift the spirits of troops as he ran into issues with his superiors.  ”GOOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM!”



Dead Poets Society

Nominated for numerous awards, Dead Poets Society (set in 1959)  portrays Williams as an English professor at a conservative academy in Vermont. John Keating (Williams) inspired his students though poetry, and in turn, inspired us all.




This action/adventure film sees two children releasing a strange man from a mystical board game into the modern day world. The series of adventures had us on the edge of our seats growing up, making it a popular choice at slumber parties!


This list should be evidence enough of Robin Williams’ generational reach — he made us laugh and cry, both as children and adults. We will forever cherish this comedic genius and his amazing contribution to the entertainment industry.

With suicide being the suspected cause of death, Robin Williams reminds us of the crushing symptoms of mental health and its disastrous effects on loved ones. We all struggle, however some struggles are deeper than others. In Toronto alone there are numerous resources to support those in need. We have compiled a list of a few local services to help with mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention.

The Gerstein Centre provides crisis intervention to adults who are experiencing mental health problems.

CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) provides a variety of programmes including but not limited to counselling, intervention support, rehabilitation and referrals.

CASP (The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention) provides information and resources to anyone struggling with the effects of suicidal behaviour through understanding, prevention, coping, intervening, grieving and advocating.

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