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Five of the Best Podcasts for Work, Gym, Tan, Laundry …(we had to)

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If there’s one thing we’re obsessed with in the office these days, it’s PODCASTS!  We all have tasks in our daily work or personal lives that can sometimes be tedious (in PR: updating media lists, or formatting a newsletter; in life: dishes and the gym), and listening to a favourite podcast can turn the mundane into magic!

Today we surveyed the team to put together a definitive list of our top five podcasts (that you can download now for FREE on iTunes) to make your day even more enjoyable! Take a look at our choices below (all images courtesy of the iTunes store):


5. Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss

A favourite among EDPR staff, this podcast invites a new celebrity to the studio each Tuesday, while hosts Theo and Matt take turns competing for the guest’s attention (and affection). After rounds of Hollywood story telling, an interview session and an often heated debate, the end result is a hilarious hour of conversation, and the odd celebrity juicy scoop!

Guests include: Scary Spice Mel B, Amber Rose, Jerry O’Connell, Kato Kaelin, Ross Mathews and many, many more!


4. Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin

The most polished of the bunch, this podcast boasts amazing production and the soothing voice of Alec Baldwin as he interviews some of the world’s finest “artists, policy makers and performers”. Mr. Baldwin takes us behind the scenes into a conversation that often feels like you’re sitting in the same room, listening to old friends discuss some of pop culture’s most intriguing topics.

Guests include: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon, Kris Kardashian, Carol Burnett, Julianne Moore and yes, Kris Kardashian.


3. Throwing Shade

Likely one of the funniest on this list, Throwing Shade is a podcast co-hosted by comedians Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, focusing on “issues important to ladies and gays”. The two hosts banter about many of the week’s hottest topics, often going off into tangents that are likely to make you spit out that afternoon cup of joe. This podcast is so popular, Gibson and Safi have been green lit to premiere a companion television show on TV Land in 2017!




2. Savage Lovecast

21 seasons in, this weekly Tuesday podcast never disappoints! Hosted by sex advice columnist Dan Savage, listeners are treated to a myriad of different issues plaguing callers from across the globe. If you’re listening to this one at work, it’s best to keep those earbuds in, but you’ll definitely be entertained — and even learn a thing or two!


1. Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

Number one was an easy choice for all of us here at EDPR. Once you become a listener of Ross Mathews’ weekly podcast, it becomes impossible to not fall in love with Ross and his zany “wack pack” of co-hosts including assistant Brenda, manager Maaaaaark, friends Nikki B, Peppa, and of course Steve. A mix-bag of celebrity interviews, entertaining challenges, caller advice and hot topics, this show is one you’ll look forward to every week.

Guests include: Lauren Conrad, Rosie O’Donnell, RuPaul, Brittany Snow, Michelle Visage and so many more!


Definitely take a moment to check out some of our recommendations, and be sure to leave a comment if you think we’ve left a podcast out! Also, if you’re looking for some PR-based podcast recommendations, check out our post here.

Thanks for stopping by EDPR today!

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