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5 Ways To Improve Your Public Relations in 2016

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It’s a NEW YEAR, which means a fresh start on your PR objectives for 2016. Today we’re sharing some ideas on how you can continue to build your presence in the media landscape with these 5 easy tips.

1. Issue a press release

Take some time to identify new or exciting developments within your business or organization. Whether its a new product/service, or an accomplishment, announce yourself to media and let them know about what you’re offering/celebrating!

2. Collab with other local businesses

Believe it or not, working with like-minded businesses that align well with your mission/service/product can produce very fruitful results. Think Doritos and Taco Bell (a large scale example, but still)– a tasty collab that resulted in a fabulous pairing, bringing both brands to higher heights. Once you find your mate, hold an event together, or find a way to promote each other’s offerings. It’s always more fun to rise to the top with a friend by your side.

3. Actually USE Social Media

Yes, we all know social media is important, but what is more important is how you use it. Need to find more customers, or expose your product to more people? Get crafty and instigate conversation — and don’t forget the power of a good DM once and awhile.

4. Hold a Lunch and Learn

That’s right! Invite local businesses and media to come in to your space (this would be a great time to use Twitter *wink wink*). Provide them with a hearty lunch (cocktails optional) and explain to them exactly what it is you or your products do. Nothing replaces good ol’ fashion networking.

5. Enlist a PR Pro

We could go on for hours with other savvy ways to enhance your PR efforts. There are hundreds of amazing tactics PR professionals employ to get you the attention you deserve. If you’re looking for some assistance with your PR goals, shoot us an email and we’ll help you make them happen!

Happy 2016, we’re wishing you massive success in the New Year!

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