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Nexus Commerce Introduces Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Solution For Unilever Canada’s Baby Dove

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Strategy and channel enablement firm drives unique campaign to strengthen online consumer purchase experience.

TORONTO, ON (November 7, 2018) — With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Nexus Commerce (a Toronto-based e-commerce strategy and channel enablement firm), has teamed up with Unilever Canada to introduce a direct-to-consumer campaign for a selection of the company’s Baby Dove products. The campaign, titled My Baby Dove (, directs customers to a branded microsite, where they can create personalized Baby Dove products, and have them delivered directly to their home. The direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach aims to add new revenue streams, strengthen the relationship between consumer and brand, and provide unique product offerings to Canadian customers.

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The e-commerce market is booming in Canada, with revenue amounting to over 38.74 billion CAD in 2017, and projections suggesting it will reach almost 55.78 billion CAD by 2021. Throughout the last decade, Amazon has dominated the e-commerce marketplace and has even introduced its own line of private label brands. However, emerging D2C companies like Casper Mattress and Dollar Shave Club are disrupting this space with their unique approach to selling product. Not only are direct-to-consumer brands growing fast, but also operating more efficiently, using infrastructure to grow and connect more meaningfully to their customers.

Direct-to-consumer channels are now being used in many different product categories. Large brands like Nike have reported that D2C retail and digital are accounting for 70% of their overall sales growth. With higher product gross margins than that of e-commerce, along with the increased ability for data retention and satisfying customer experiences, D2C is quickly becoming an attractive option for Canadian companies. This evident shift in focus was a driving factor for Mudit Rawat and Stephen Tallevi when developing Nexus Commerce, a consulting firm that assists in providing D2C strategies and solutions to their clients.

“Building and managing a direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel is complicated,” says founder Stephen Tallevi. “Brands need to assign dedicated internal resources, deal with multiple technologies, fulfilment and last mile vendors, not to mention provide 24/7 customer support.”

“Our ultimate goal is to uncover new e-commerce revenue channels and build and strengthen consumers relationships with brands,” says founder Mudit Rawat. “Through direct-to-consumer initiatives, we’ve been able to help brands stay closer to customers: building deeper brand affinity and better e-commerce experiences.”

With over 20 years of experience, the Nexus Commerce team has worked with a number of popular brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Nescafé, Vaseline, Grocery Gateway and Delissio. Aside from My Baby Dove this year, some of the group’s recent D2C campaigns include personalized Vaseline lip tin delivery across Canada, a campaign that went viral and saw purchase conversion rates of over 20% (average rates are generally 1.5%-2.5%) and frozen apple blossom home and office deliveries through the Ontario-based apple farm, Chudleigh’s.

Nexus Commerce continues to provide direct-to-consumer solutions to many of Canada’s top brands. To learn more about Nexus Commerce and their services, visit


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About Nexus Commerce:

Nexus Commerce builds and manages direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels for CPG brands. Our agility and flexibility to work within and around existing CPG processes ensures that projects are launched with speed and on budget. From strategy formulation to customer insights to product fulfillment, Nexus Commerce’s integrated approach delivers D2C capabilities to any brand entering or looking to grow further within the D2C market. Find out more about Nexus Commerce at

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