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Our Top App Picks For The PR Pro

In the PR industry, it’s essential to be organized and on the ball. Our clients expect us to be up-to-date and relevant in a variety of industries; so there are a few apps that we have come to rely on here at the office that help us to bring our ‘A’ game every time. 1. […]

    #Film Friday: Embarrassing Moments Relived Through Video

    Ever have one of those painfully embarrassing moments and wished that everyone would forget about it as quickly as it happened? Well for celebrities, the odds of that happening seems next to zero. The popularity of video sharing, videos from YouTube, Vine, InstaVideo and Gifs now forever immortalizes an embarrassing moment. Last week, Carly Rae […]

      Five Toronto Conferences You Should Attend In 2013

      (Image Courtesy of Blissdom) As PR pros, we’re always looking for chances to learn new techniques and embrace the changes digital innovation is bringing to our industry. There are many opportunities to attend networking events and listen to industry leaders speak on a variety of communication topics. Here at EDPR, we value the educational aspect […]

        #FilmFriday: Jay-Z’s Promotes New Album in Collaboration with Samsung

        Have you listened to Jay-Z’s newest album Magna Carta Holy Grail (MCHG) yet? Well, if you are a Samsung user then you have access to a free copy of the hottest album of the summer. Samsung purchased 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s album to give to their users the first glimpse before it is formally […]

          #FilmFriday: Celebrities Embrace Insta-Video

          Have you ‘embraced’ Insta-Video yet? Well our celebrity friends certainly have! Check out the compilation of videos that flooded Instagram this week. From Justin Bieber to Lebron James, Insta-Video is taking over, overshadowing Vine and Keek (the lesser known of the two) who were the main source for short videos. However, unlike Vine, Insta-Videos do […]

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