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#Film Friday: #TimsDark Experiment

August 22, 2014
On August 15th, Canada's beloved Tim Hortons introduced their new Dark Roast coffee by inviting coffee lovers to "Get into the Dark" with their most recent marketing campaign…

What Works In Rich Media Mobile Advertising?

April 1, 2013
The people over at celtra put together this informative INFOGRAPHIC outlining what 'makes' a mobile advertisement…

Facebook To Incorporate Hashtags?

March 18, 2013
Hashtags: defined as those no space phrases starting with ‘#’ that so many people use on Twitter…

Film Friday: Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape

August 31, 2012
You read the title correctly. A little while back, the people at Smart Water hired ad agency (Zambezi) to put together the video below for promotion of their product…
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