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5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping On The Web

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I thought I’d provide you all with a few simple and easy ways to really save some of your hard-earned coins while using the power of the web. I’m always looking for ways to nickel and dime my way through things – and it’s time for me to share!


1. Shopcatch – Yes, I have personal ties to this site, but Shopcatch really is a great resource to look for all the top brand retail deals available in your area. From Gap to H&M, you’ll always know what’s on sale.

2. Amazon – This one may seem like a no-brainer. If you’re buying books or DVDs – or even just looking for gift ideas, Amazon continues to have the best prices around.

3. Retail Me Not – The ultimate source to find coupons for all the well-known online retailers. Find a discount for just about anything – even the food you’re about to order! – Aside from the obvious plus that they offer free shipping in Canada – is a great spot to get all of your household products, beauty products, and even supplements at great prices. The best part is not having to cart home all those hand soaps and big detergent bottles!

5. Use – Honestly, I’ve recommended the app – but the website is even BETTER! Get real-time results on where your money is going, and have assistance when setting out those monthly budgets.


The only other thing I suggest is making sure you price compare before you go out to buy. Even when it comes to those expensive tops, or fancy new hard drive – there’s always a better price somewhere. Google is your best friend!


Happy Shopping! Do you have any tips to shop online better? Share them in the comments!

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