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Getting A Response: The 5 Best Follow Up Tips

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Earlier this week, I wrote a post on improving your messaging skills. Right now, I’m working on a couple clients that have events coming up over the next week. Both these clients are working towards some partnerships with local businesses, and I’ve found myself emailing some of my favourite restaurants, boutiques and shops within Toronto – pitching opportunities.

After sending out hundreds of emails, it was dead silence. It took me back to my audition days, when you’d go to the casting directors, they’d see you – and you’d wait by the phone for weeks hoping to get a call back. The difference between this particular scenario and auditions, is that you don’t have to wait for a call back to make your next move. This brings me to the follow up.

There’s a few reasons that it’s important to follow up with new contacts and potential clients:

  • They may not have seen your initial email
  • They may have seen your email, and have forgotten to respond
  • They’re insanely busy (as most business owners are), and sometimes need a quick reminder

Often times, it’s not until you follow up that you get a response – and rightfully so! It doesn’t take much to send out an initial email, but the execution and follow through can show dedication and good business initiative.

Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind when constructing a follow up email

  1. Keep it short and sweet – your initial email should’ve had more elaborate messaging, so if the reader is interested, they can look back.
  2. Put the pertinent details in bullet points – be sure to summarize your previous message in quick, relevant pieces of information.
  3. Concentrate on the benefits – make sure that the recipient knows what you’re offering them or their business.
  4. Be personal – make sure to do a little research, and reference something they might identify with. It shows that you’re not afraid to do a little work, even in the beginning stages.
  5. Don’t be a pest – always wait a couple days before following up. Remember: people are busy, and don’t like to be hassled. If they want to respond to you, they will.

Following up is an essential way to help ensure your success and show true business professionalism. It’s all about effort, people – the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

As for my acting career? Well, lets just say I’m still waiting for my call back.




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