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5 Ways To Make The Morning Easier

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We often find ourselves flustered on our way out the door in the morning. Between walking the dog, packing lunch, or even just brushing teeth – it’s easy to get stressed and grumpy when you’re still in sleep mode. Here’s 5 really simple things you can do to make your mornings more seamless.

 1.    Get your bag(s) together and place by the door the night before.

Don’t waste time fumbling for all of your necessities when you’re scrambling out of the house. Plan ahead!

 2.    Pack your lunch and snackables before bed.

This may seem obvious –  it can be hard to have the foresight to make everything ahead of time, but this habit can save you 20 minutes every morning.

 3.    Decide what to wear the night before.

How many of us spend precious time changing from outfit to outfit in the morning? Streamline your efficiency by piecing together your clothes before sleep.

 4.    Keep a bowl near your front door.

Never again question where you put your wallet or keys. Make it a habit to place everything in the bowl when you come and go from home or work.

 5.    Make your own coffee (set the timer)

All of us are guilty of stopping at the coffee shop on the way to work from time to time. Make your own coffee, and set the timer the night before – you’ll save 5-7 minutes in the morning… and oodles of moolah!


Although these tips may seem straight forward, and simple – it can be hard developing habits. Give them a whirl, you’ll feel less stressed during the morning grind!

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