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Resumevolution: Tips For What’s Wrong On Your Resume

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Over the course of the past few years – so many things have changed in the resume writing process.  If you ever took one of those torturous ‘resume writing’ classes in high school, college, or university – chances are that what you’ve been taught has already become obsolete. As of late, there have been some fantastic examples of stand out resumes that really set the bar much higher than it has ever been before. Creativity and innovation will definitely help you stand out in a pile of boring living-obituaries (for lack of a more dramatic term). Remember: we all have to embrace the disruption, and become competitive in new spaces if we want to succeed! Below you’ll find some fresh and inspiring examples of great resumes rearing their heads online.

Writers note: There are some workplaces and jobs where these may not be viewed as an appropriate format. However, if this is how you’d consider your personal brand to be represented on paper, perhaps the job isn’t for you.


Paolo shows amazing visuals to demonstrate his extensive knowledge and expertise. It’s good to have the traditional bits of a resume merged with image. Plus, his website rocks.. click image to visit.

Karina May demonstrates her work as a content editor. She used VISUAL.LY, a free inforgraphic service.

Michelle Magoffin’s resume has a LOT of content, but also a great amount of personality. She also offers the opportunity to scan the QR code on the image to access a traditional CV. Click on the image to see a larger size.

Hopefully these inspire you to shake up your resume a little bit to become a more competitive player in your job hunt. Do you have any other examples of great resumes? Share links in the comments.

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