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5 Signs You’re Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

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There’s so many people in today’s workforce that are making the transition into the life of an entrepreneur: but how do you know if it’s for you? We’ve taken a moment to highlight 5 things that (we think) are strong indications you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.

You hate status-quo

You constantly find yourself asking ‘why’ things are done a certain way, and challenge the norm. You’re not a big fan of established rules, particularly if you can see an easier and more effective way of doing things (a must-have trait for entrepreneurs).

You aren’t afraid of long hours

Entrepreneurs work 80 hour weeks so they can avoid 40 hour weeks. They’re never fully satisfied, and find themselves wanting more out of their work. And besides, work never actually feels like work.

You’re easily bored

Stopping to smell the roses is something the entrepreneur should definitely work on – but ultimately, they like being stimulated all the time. They have a hard time not being where the action is and want to be part of an ever-changing environment.

You have a hard time letting go

Entrepreneurs want to do it all. From the small tasks to the big picture, the entrepreneur wants to make everything their own – yes, they’re a bit obsessive.

You’re unable to relax

Well, most of the time anyway… the entrepreneur is constantly ‘on’, thinking and fixating on details of their work. Trouble sleeping? You just might be an entrepreneur!

These 5 traits are common in entrepreneurs the world round. Obviously, entrepreneurs can be a bit extreme – and their  personalities can take a toll on those around them.. but they know what they want, and they go for it.

For more signs you could be an entrepreneur, check out this article.

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    1. Brandi says:

      I think all of these points hit the nail on the head when it comes to whether someone is meant to be an entrepreneur or not. Entrepreneurs are very restless and like you said, never fully satisfied; there’s always more to be done! A lot are perfectionists and pride themselves in their work so much that it becomes obsessive to get it right and stay on top of it. :)


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