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INFOGRAPHIC: 90% Of Us Go To Bed With Our Smartphones: But What About Sleep?

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It’s tough in today’s world to ignore the gadget epidemic invading our bedrooms. From watching the latest Real Housewives episodes on laptop in bed to making our to-do lists via smart phone, it’s become harder and harder to let go. The surprising facts? 1 in 4 people don’t silence their phones before bed, 1 in 10 are awakened at least a few times a week by their phone, and 1 in 2 check their phones when they wake up in the night. All very telling things about our generation – but just wait until you see the rest! Check out the INFOGRAPHIC below:

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    1. Brandi says:

      That’s one reason why I keep my home phone as well as my smartphone. My smartphone is shut off at night. If it’s an emergency, people know they can call my home phone. Otherwise, I’d likely never sleep! lol.


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