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North American Brands Take Twitter’s Vine App By Storm

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This post originally appears on Views from 590, and is written by EDPR founder, Cory Stewart

A few times a year, the Internet is taken by storm with news of a new and flashy mobile app – promising to change the life of it’s users (presumably) for the better. This is the case with Twitter’s new Vine app, which allows it’s users to record 6 seconds of video and publish it for their social followers to consume.

Brands and users have adapted to the app virally, if only to secure their all important ‘handle name’. Afterall, no one wants to be stuck with a handle like ‘JohnDoe56237126′, do they?

Because there’s been some really fantastic creativity from North American brands, we thought we’d do a little digest for you of some notable posts.

Dove uses the popular ‘stop-start’ functionality to play a quick bowling game with some of their top products.

Trident employs it’s consumers to ‘chew like you chew’.

General Electric shows off their bright idea.

Gap outlines details on their 1969 denim.

Urban Outfitters challenges Comedy Central to a bear off. Tempting, no?

Wheat Thins spells out their campaign in product.

It’s clear Vine is the beginning of something, and they’re certainly boding well in terms of user acquisition. Only time will tell if this app is the next big thing (Instagram, anyone?), or just another fad like DrawSomething – remember that?!

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