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50 Things Technology Has Killed, (INFO)Graphically

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Thanks to technological advances, the way we carry out some of the simplest tasks has been changed. Sometimes more than once in our life times. Recently the people at Mozy put together an INFOGRAPHIC of the things that are (nearly) ancient history thanks to innovation. Here’s a few that brought out some emotions for us.

  • Telephone Information Services: whether it’s calling 411 or the movie theatre, the Internet has made it pretty unnecessary to call anyone on the phone for information. A simple Google search could unearth your info in seconds.
  • Payphones: Sorry Adam Levine, that payphone is no longer in service thanks to this little invention called the cellular phone; perhaps someone can buy you one?
  • Old School Mediums: Be it VHS tapes recording TV, a Walkman, a dictionary or the Yellow Pages, it seems that no one is using these portable, yet bulky items anymore. When was the last time you saw someone carting around Encyclopaedia Britannica anyway? Surprisingly, vinyl records are as popular as ever.

Check out all these and more in the INFOGRAPHIC below:


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