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Weekly Disruptor: Corey Vidal of ApprenticeA Productions

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Each week at Embrace Disruption we introduce you to an influential person in the digital, blogger, arts, culture, film, or media world! EveryThursday, you can check back at EDPR to find out who we think is particularly amazing at ‘embracing disruption’ within their respective industries. This week, we’d like to introduce you to the founder of ApprenticeA Productions: avid YouTuber, Corey Vidal!


What’s your official job title, and where did you go to school?
I am founder and president of ApprenticeA Productions. I didn’t attend anything after high school (E. L. Crossley Secondary School) because I hated classrooms and was a terrible student riddled with ADHD.

Elevator pitch. Describe yourself in a nutshell (or sea shell, or any shell for that matter).


I believe myself to be extremely self-motivated and driven. A word I’ve heard people around me use is “passionate”. I really believe in what I do (making YouTube videos), and tend to encourage others to do the same. I am probably rather attention-seeking, which goes hand-in-hand with uploading my stupid face to YouTube every day.


Why did you pursue what you’re doing now? What was the inspiration?


I was very interested in video-making in high school, but it was challenging getting people to see the videos I made. YouTube allowed me to find an audience online, and pay me for doing something I loved. There’s nothing more inspiring than that.


What is the best part of your day-to-day?
Spending time with my colleagues, who are also my best friends. Having a camera, giving me an excuse to act like a child on a daily basis.


What’s the most challenging?
The uncertainty of next week/month/year.


If you took a look in the cliché crystal ball, what do you see for yourself?
I see a valuable crystal ball that I could probably use in a video. My reflection. Maybe there’s something in my teeth.


How do you embrace disruption in your work and personal life?
Every day is an adventure. YouTube changes regularly, and often without warning. Some videos take weeks or months to plan, some are filmed as soon as the idea strikes.


What is the most memorable moment in your career?
Getting Featured worldwide on the front page of YouTube in November, 2008. It changed my life, which I talk about in detail here:
Do you support any initiatives or charities? Tell us about it, and please provide links!
To Write Love On Her Arms:


Tell us what you see yourself doing at 65 years old.


Just for fun: if you had to pick one app in the whole APPVERSE, what would it be?
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