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INFOGRAPHIC: The Dangers Of Being Sleep Deprived

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Sleep deprivation. It’s more common than ever before. We’re all guilty of taking our phones, tablets and even laptops to bed with us – making it that much harder for our body to get the rest it needs. Sure, it’s easy to rationalize taking technology to bed: you’re being productive – but at what cost? The clever people at Health Science Degree took time out to examine the issue, and put together some interesting stats that outline the dangers sleep deprivation can bring. So read on all workaholics, entrepreneurs, tech-addicts, PR peeps and hard working individuals – this post is for you!

Did you know:

  • Reducing sleep by 90 minutes in one night can reduce alertness by 32%.
  • Sleep disorders can result in high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke and obesity.
  • Drowsy driving accounts for 100,000 automobile crashes each year in the States.
  • Being awake for 24 hours is like having 0.10% blood alcohol level.
  • Adults need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep per day.

All these facts and more in the INFOGRAPHIC below:

The Waking Dead: Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
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