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2014 Image Rehab: The Shia LaBeouf Edition

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For the past month, we’ve given you our thoughts on how to improve the image of some of the world’s most tarnished celebs. Now, for our final Image Rehab post, we are calling on you to give us some of your ideas (in the comments below) on how to fix the image of the always controversial Shia LaBeouf. Below is some background info for you, as his story seems to evolve daily.

shia biopic


Since 2005, controversy has been part of LaBeouf’s image. Various charges and past allegations include: assault, trespassing and a DUI. Through the majority of these events, he continued to work on several successful films and appeared as though he was experiencing some of the usual coming-of-age troubles we’ve seen countless celebrities go through.

Recently, the star was accused and found guilty of plagiarizing cartoonist Dan Clowes’ work in his short film titled ‘Howard’. LaBeouf admitted to the act and attempted to apologize in a string of unusual Tweets.

shia tweets


The apologies spiraled into uncontrolled ranting, retweeting and the admission of drug use.



This explosion was followed by a proposal the star has made to several art galleries surrounding his repentance for plagiarizing. His ideal self-inflicted punishment includes the actor in an enclosed room for a week, with a paper bag on his head. The bag will read “I’M NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” (Shia’s new tag line). Visitors will be able to pick from a variety of props upon entering the exhibit; including a whip, whiskey and a pair of pliers. Guests will then enter the exhibit and be able interact with the star as they would like. The big catch (as if there’s only one): it’s unclear if the person with the bag on their head will indeed be LaBeouf.



Now, we’re turning it over to you. Based on our past posts featuring Paula Deen, Lance Armstrong, and Justin Bieber, let us know how you would go about restoring the image of Shia LaBeouf. It’s never too late to bring a star back, but this one is going to take some work.

Thank you for following the Image Rehab series of our blog and we look forward to reading your thoughts and advice in the comments below!

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