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Film Friday: The Trivago Guy

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It’s no secret that creating a successful PR campaign hinges on audiences developing an emotional rapport with your product or idea, making them feel invested in your cause. Hotel research engine Trivago, has done just that with their new commercial featuring Tim Williams, better known as the Trivago Guy.

The unkempt middle-aged man, complete with 2-day stubble and ill fitting clothes, is not the traditional spokesperson for an international, multi-million dollar company. While public perception of the new frontman has been concerning, we have to think that this bold move will definitely pay off. Equipped with his own fake Twitter account (that has over 700 followers), the Trivago guy has drawn enough attention that The Globe and Mail, AskMen and countless other bloggers are commenting on his questionable appearance.

So, what makes this work? Do audiences find him relatable? Could it be that his “ruggedness” is oddly attractive? Whatever it is, we think the disheveled, belt-less Tim Williams, was a brilliant move.

Check him out for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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