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Make Your Sweetheart Swoon: A Fail-Proof Three-Step Guide To Valentine’s Day

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TORONTO, ON (February 2, 2015) - Valentine’s Day can be a dreaded holiday for many. The expectation, planning and execution for the “most romantic” day of the calendar year are enough to make just about anyone buckle under the pressure. This year, the fine folk at want to make things a little bit easier for both men and women, by providing a three-step guide to making your sweetheart swoon on Valentine’s Day. February 14th no longer has to be a dreaded holiday if you just take a few measures to make the day stand out for your special someone.

Step One: Get Shopping

  • Buy A Frame: Type and print a list of the ten things you love about your significant other and place it in the frame. This thoughtful and personalized gift is the perfect way to make your sweetie smile.

  • Make A Playlist: Because Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday this year, you have the advantage of making themed playlists to complement each part of the day. Feeling lazy? Head over to Songza or Spotify and get pre-made lists to set the mood.

  • Find Their Favourites: Whether you’ve been in a relationship for three months or three years, you usually have a good idea of your partner’s favourite things. Grab a selection of them and put them in a decorative basket or box. The thoughtfulness and time put into sourcing all of their favourite things will undoubtedly be a huge hit.

  • Get Breakfast Supplies: As outlined before, Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday, so what better way to surprise your sweetheart than with breakfast in bed? Grab the essentials like eggs and bacon, and don’t forget some strawberries with icing sugar!

Step Two: Prepare Your Home

  • Clean The House: Although not always the most romantic task, a clean house will make the love of your life beam with delight. Take the time to get your space tidy, and if you don’t have the time, you can always outsource. Check out where you can book an experienced and insured cleaner who will come in to save the day.

  • Dress Up Your Space: This task doesn’t have to be hard. Often times you can find some amazing romantic decorations at the most convenient of places, including your local dollar store.

  • Draw A Bath: There’s nothing more romantic than drawing a relaxing bath for your significant other. Go the extra mile and pick up some bath products to spruce up the experience, or better yet, make some (as directed by Martha Stewart) with your partner’s favourite scents.

  • Spruce Up Your Sheets: Imagine the surprise and delight of your partner as they come out of the bath and into glamourous new sheets? Be sure to check out your local Winners or Marshalls for amazing deals on top thread counts!

Step Three: Make The Day Count

  • Communicate In The Morning: Not everyone lives with their significant other, so it’s important to take the time to give your special someone a call in the morning. Wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. A little effort goes a long way.

  • Serve Breakfast: Now that you have all the materials for breakfast, follow through and actually make it. Remember: presentation counts. A single rose in a tiny vase can dress up your whole presentation — find ways to indulge your partner in small details (this is also the perfect time to present your framed list that you put together earlier).

  • Have Activities Ready: Beyond breakfast, have some activities planned for your sweetie, whether that means a walk through the city, cooking class or a dinner out — put some effort into having the agenda planned. If you’re planning to dine in, make the planning easier with Toronto-based Chef’s Plate, who will deliver perfectly portioned ingredients and chef-inspired recipes to cook a meal at home (receive $25 off with the promotional code: VDAYCHEF)!

  • Enjoy: As stressful as this holiday may seem, it’s meant to serve as a chance for couples to celebrate their affection for each other. Take time to enjoy your partner’s company and show them just how much you love them.

This Valentine’s Day, has partnered with specialty stores Bakes & Goods (2523 Yonge St.), Chef’s Plate, and Gilded & Green (3232 Yonge St.) to offer a special giftcard with all Valentine’s related purchases. To participate and find more information, please visit


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