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Pay Attention To These TV Shows

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There’s a few really great business related television that I’m currently addicted to. Sure, there’s a lot of fluff out there, but there happen to be a few fantastic shows that you can really grab some great insights from. Allow me to elaborate:

The Pitch: A great new show brought to you by AMC. This centres around 2 ad agencies fighting for the same client – eventually with one prevailing. There’s a lot of creativity and business sense displayed within the program, and some definite learnings to be drawn from each episode. For more info, click here.

The Celebrity Apprentice: Ok, so there’s obviously a few skeptics on how this show is really just a product placement vehicle for a variety of brands. I’d have to agree with that assumption. However, the resourcefulness and creativity displayed by some of the contestants tends to be a breath of fresh air. Although not always applicable to real life, there’s definitely some great skill sets on display here. For more info, click here.

Shark Tank & Dragon’s Den: It’s obvious that there’s some great innovation and real entrepreneurial spirit within these 2 shows. I can’t tell you how much the valuation and business model discussions have opened my eyes to different perspectives. Be sure to also check out the UK version of Dragon’s Den: it’s equally as good! For more info on Shark Tank, click here. For more info on Dragon’s Den, click here.

The Big Decision: Follow two of the Dragons as they uncover struggling businesses and decide whether or not to rescue by investment. Unfortunately, this show didn’t get many episodes in its first season. I feel as though Arlene Dickinson may put a little too much emphasis on the ‘marketing’ component of each business, and not focus on the business model as a whole – but it’s still worth a watch. For more info, click here.

Obviously with any TV show, there are moments that are sensationalized for ratings. As an educated viewer, you can take what you will from these shows; and feel good that you’re not watching another mindless episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

Think I missed something? Tell me your favourite shows in the comments!

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