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Don’t Be Tardy For The Twarty: How To Make 3.1MM Listen

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There are few things left that we as brands can really do to garner the kind of desirable attention we’re after. Simple media buying, banner ads, etc. really don’t make the cut anymore (or atleast, can’t be the sole pieces of your campaigns). The world of social media continues to evolve daily – and I’ve yet to meet someone who truly understands the ROI of their efforts. There’s so many tools and engines out there that promise to be the answer to all your social media needs, but they tend to distract from the true minimum viable product. The reality is, social networking is innately human – and when creating buzz, and drawing attention to a brand, product or subject, it’s only right that a ‘real’ person takes on the job.

Enter the TWITTER PARTY (Twarty for short). A revolutionary new way to engage with consumers and brand advocates alike, while effectively spreading a message across millions of viewers. I currently handle the marketing efforts for a Toronto start-up called Shopcatch. Shopcatch works with retailers to provide promotional strategies that will enhance consumer experience while driving transactions. Recently I had the pleasure of taking on H&M Canada as a client: they were looking to create some exposure for their amazing CONSCIOUS collection. I thought this would be a great opportunity to provide them with a customized twitter party, and really dive into their massive consumer base. Although this was not my first time hosting a ‘twarty’ – I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with my results.

I’ll let the INFOGRAPHIC do the talking:

As you can see, the potential for exposure is PHENOMENAL. But it doesn’t stop at retail. There’s plenty of brands, events, restaurants, openings, galleries and more that could benefit from the kind of attention a TWARTY can grab them.

If you’re interested in what a TWARTY can do for your business, or would like more info, feel free to reach out! I always love discussing initiatives, and helping brands/companies achieve maximum potential within the socialsphere.

How about you, have you ever participated in a twitter party? Tell me about it in the comments below – and be sure to include your twitter handle so I can follow you!

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