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The 7 Characteristics Of A Truly Great Leader

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From experience working in corporate, PR, hospitality, retail and entertainment industries – I’ve had the privilege to work with countless leaders.  Although some were fantastic and some lackluster, it was easy to pin point characteristics that make the great leaders stand out.


Here’s 7 traits any good leader should have:


If one thing is of utmost importance, it’s a leader’s ability to truly embrace being modest and respectful. Ego is a human downfall at times, but a good leader can check themselves (before they wreck themselves).


Whether introverted or extroverted, it’s important that a leader be able to relate to people.  This kind of quality encourages team members to want to relate in return while making them feel comfortable and motivated. Approachability and likability are engrained into the path of leadership.


The best leaders are always cognizant of their faults, and are not afraid to admit to them. Because they can recognize their shortcomings, they surround themselves with people who can complement their individual skill sets.


There’s always a goal in sight (abstract or not) that a leader can share with their team. Having a good understanding of where they want to go, and what needs to be true to get there separates the leader from followers.


It’s important that a leader doesn’t give in easily. Leaders are the ones who say “YES WE CAN” rather than “NO, WE’VE TRIED THAT” or “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE”. A leader understands that a “NO” from someone is just one step closer to a “YES”.


The saying you’re only as good as your weakest link is something that reins true in a leaders’ head. Making sure the right people are put together to complement each other’s skill sets is paramount to success.


Leaders should know (and want to know) anything they can about their industry, their competitors, and even their team members. The more informed a leader is – the better decisions they can make for their business.


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