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How To Pick A PR Firm

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It can be a bit intimidating to seek out a firm to help you with your communication needs. Most firms specialize in select fields, so it’s important to do your research so you end up with the right service provider.

Here’s 5 things to consider when seeking out your perfect match:


Cost can range anywhere from $100-$10,000+ depending on the campaign objectives and work required. Make sure to identify what services you’re going to require (releases, distribution, social management, etc), and place set amounts of money towards each piece to come up with a total you’re comfortable with. Remember that it’s one thing to have a press release written, but it’s quite another to have it pitched and distributed to the firm’s network.


Find out how the potential firm is measuring their efforts. It’s great to have coverage and ‘buzz’ all over print, radio, tv and web – but you want to make sure you KNOW the numbers (circulation, open rates, click rates, views, impressions) behind the campaign. This will help you identify what worked, and what didn’t so you can streamline the process next time round.


This may sound like a no-brainer, but when the PR firm brings you a pitch – test their knowledge of your brand or company, and your competitors. Any good firm spends an awful lot of time reading up and becoming experts on your industry/product before meeting with you. After all, how can they possibly provide great communications if they aren’t experts?


Early on in the relationship, make sure you identify how often you’d like to be updated and checked in with. It’s important that there’s a constant flow of communication between PR firm and client so that each party is knowledgeable of what’s going on. Depending on your requirements, this can range from daily emails/calls to weekly check ins.


Again, a no-brainer – but it’s really really important. Make sure you LIKE the people you’re working with (and not just on Facebook). PR pros are usually innately social, and easy to get along with – a good relationship will facilitate even better results.


After considering the above, you’ll be able to kick off a great relationship with your firm of choice. When you’re considering your candidates, be sure to send an email our way – we’re here to help YOU achieve your communications objectives.


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    1. Brandi says:

      Great tips and so true how it’s really important that they read up on your brand or company before hand….saves a lot of hassle and shows commitment, interest and understanding as well.


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