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Youtube Done Right: Brownes Dairy Farm Infographic

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We came across this ‘udderly’ fantastic infographic video made by a dairy farm over in Australia. Because this is such a prime example of how to modernize your advertising approach while embracing social media: we couldn’t wait until Film Friday to share it with you!

“Every year millions of litres of milk are trucked into Western Australia (WA) from over east. At a time when WA dairy farmers are struggling to survive. Not a lot of people realise this is happening because much of that imported milk comes in as yoghurt.

Brownes are saying “enough” and making next Saturday November 3rd the official Use Buy Date for all yoghurts imported into WA. From that day on, we invite you to buy locally-made yoghurt instead. It’s fresher for your family and better for all those families who own and run WA dairy farms.” via Brownes.

Job well done Brownes, job well done.

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