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How Satan Can Remind You That Traditional Marketing Still Works

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We admit it: we tend to spend a LOT of time talking about digital communications and marketing – after all, it’s our specialty. That said, there are still certain “old school” marketing methods that really do still have a lasting effect. Today, we were quickly reminded of how something so simple, yet clever can really define your business’ brand – without even booting up a computer. While between meetings, we happened by a sign outside of Toronto novelty hotspot, “The Outer Layer” (see below).

Hilarious, yes – and also extremely clever. You see, Outer Layer changes this sign regularly to reflect different quirky sayings and viewpoints directly from both their staff and product lines. To give you perspective: this is the store that offers products like Anne Taintor magnets/postcards, Kikkerland head massagers, and a variety of kitchy fun gifting options.

The real stand out here is that with signs like these, it almost begs you to come and explore what the store has to offer – while making a statement about the personality of the people and products that dwell within. In short: a fantastic way to convert foot traffic into purchasers.

Now: it simply wouldn’t be right of us to not relate this to digital marketing. It’s simple really, we all have an opportunity to create digital signs just like that of The Outer Layer. How you ask? By translating your brand in similar ways through Facebook and Twitter. It’s important to note that a clever post on a social network knows no bounds – and has potential to spread just about anywhere. So we challenge you – take a page from The Layer’s book, innovate and have fun with your brand messaging (whatever your format), it’s amazing where a little effort can take you!

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